A sewer survey will ascertain the structural and service condition of underground pipes and drains. Invert Surveys use state of the art CCTV systems manufactured by market leading companies and we are capable of surveying sewer diameters from 100mm to 4000mm.

We can survey sewers that are under roads, pathways, city centres, rural fields, gardens, driveways, houses, buildings, railways, canals and so on. When a manhole is not accessible for a vehicle we can use our mobile CCTV equipment instead. Using remote control we send in our independent 4 wheel drive tractors for power and manoeuvrability and attach powerful cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom. This gives us the capability to survey and trace pipes from above the ground. These are carried out from PC based rigs with Wincan VX and Wincan Map/Web reporting software which also has ability to accurately measure defects inside pipes.

For surveying pipes with a heavy flow of water and high water levels, we can use a range of floatation devices. We also have 100m push rods which we can attach a camera too with pan, tilt and zoom options.

Our CCTV equipment is explosion proof (EX – Atex zone 1) and our CCTV operatives are trained to WRC standard OS19 and OS21 sewer, pipe and brick classification. We can also provide man entry surveys where required.